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Stayzilla was a successful homestay network in India and it raised $33.5 million in funding. Yogendra Vasupal, the founder, launched the company, under the name Inasra Technologies, in 2005. He then changed the name to Stayzilla in 2010, because the owner wanted to expand his services in all the cities and Zillas (Districts) in India. The company was an early Airbnb business type that provided an online platform in which homestays, ‘alternative stays’, as well as hotels could be listed. Stayzilla had over 15000 stays in about 1100 cities across the country and in 2013 it reached the 500 bookings in a day milestone.

An angry tourist shared his experience in a review " is a site for travel booking and hotel booking online. This site is absolutely fraudulent. I would like to share my experience with all of you. I had booked a resort named white stone in Manali from this site. I did all the payments and procedure asked by the site. Payment proof is attached in this review. When I reached the resort and asked the hotel manager about my bookings, he said that he was not at all contacted by stayzilla com about my booking. The manager said that did not sent any confirmation email regarding your booking. My money was deducted from my account already. The manager was also frustrated with I would never recommend anyone to use this site ever. This site did not even refund my money."


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Marketplace Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"No point in giving this review as the company got shutdown but if the company was still in operation , i could have been reach to the position of Regional manager currently ."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work included lot of learning, brainstorming about new initiatives and coming up with ways of implementing the same. Flat Management, Great culture. Only problem was getting good ideas approved from higher management Cons: Old school mentality at the top"

Supply Cordinator ( handeling a team) says

"It's nice to be a part of this company , since it provided me all sorts of examples that will be useful for problem solving in any company"

Business Intelligence Manager (Former Employee) says

"A lot of competition and options for consumers for making choices for travel from the hospitality industry. A lot of data crunching and number crunching along with insight reporting directly to the management team."

Team Lead, Reservations (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to work, friendly team members. I am basically handling all sorts of escalations regarding booking of hotels. as its a online hotel booking company, we have tie up with almost 5000 hotels across India. I am a team lead for reservation department which deals with booking of hotels inquired by our online guest and providing them full service from booking to check out and review of a particular hotel. I manage a team of 8 staff, who are responsible for doing the room booking, sending hotel voucher to customer, helping customer in smooth check in and check out and taking the review of hotel and rating them as customer's opinion. All sort of problem and escalations coming in the entire process is handled by me. Side by side I train for new challenges in the online hotel booking industry."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time Cons: My worst decision ever to have joined this company. Being a fresher, no scope to learn, no experience gained. My superior was the worst (esp for someone for whom this is his first job after studies). My precious time wasted."


"I have been working at Stayzilla Cons: All cons only. No clarity within the organisation. I would only blame the founders for this as said earlier they have never thought about the employees."


"I worked at Stayzilla Cons: I am from a top B school in India. These guys offered astronomical CTCs and recruited 30 odd students. All top early pickings in placement season. A month before graduation they suddenly realised they can't afford our salaries, so over a WHATSAPP MESSAGE in the group their HR informed us our joining would be pushed by 8 months! Figure that. Later realized they are in a very poor financial condition. I guess good riddance!"

Software Development Engineer says

"I worked at Stayzilla for more than a year Cons: 1) False promises in CTC: the ctc was totally overblown to attract top talent, but in the end the company only paid some 40% of total ctc, many things were included in ctc which weren't even legally allowed to be included. Apart from that there were stock options that were never given, we later came to know the company wasn't even registered with SEBI! Seriously, how much more shady this can get?! 1.5) Above point plus the fact that this is a ten year old company! 2) Zero learning: Absolutely no learning, not many senior tech people who actually know stuff, everything is built on baseless coding standards and totally non reusable code. 3) Bonus: The maximum bonus paid was literally half of what was promised. Many people were paid around 10k to 20k out of 2 lakh bonus. 4) Managers more than Engineers: That was the problem right from the beginning, the company didnt even have a decent product and there were so many managers trying hard to find stuff to manage. seriously? This is in fact the biggest hurdle in developing decent products, the managers nosing around every aspect of the product you build without actually knowing anything."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. Read the pros 2. The management is very bad, will force decisions on you 3. They promised esops but later told they didn't register with sebi(securities and Exchange board) 4. They gave 10% of variable pay to people with a met expectations rating citing company performance as reasons 5. You won't learn a single thing 6. People who lick boots will go up the ladder"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time Cons: The company has a lot of issues with HRM. They could not provide the ESOPs promised until a year too late, and the company closed down before the options could become available."

Marketing Manager says

"I have been working at Stayzilla for more than a year Cons: Worst decision taken to join this fraud company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time Cons: More managers than developers; no senior engineers; managers play the role of senior engineers in a product. No consistency in taking care of employees - some are given a lot of importance, some others totally neglected. Company management not true to its word in many things."

Former Employee - Regional Manager says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time for less than a year Cons: 1. Management will not listen to what you have to say. Basically you have to do what they say. 2. When you reporting boss is in trouble, he will try to get you into trouble to save his soul. 3. No clarity on what they want from their employees. 4. If they feel that you are a highly paid hire, then they will try to make you leave."

Former Employee - Consulting Intern says

"I worked at Stayzilla full-time Cons: Didnt have sufficient work for all the engineers"

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